EA has released a new FIFA 18 update. This renews the way of giving stitches. Also some mistakes in the gameplay are addressed.

The biggest change is undoubtedly the way of sending passes. From now on it is more difficult to give stitches if the direction of sending is 90 to 270 degrees behind you. That means that your depths are less accurate and hard if you pass them directly backwards when you get the ball.

In addition to that, crucial mistakes in the gameplay are also eliminated. For example, the goalkeeper sometimes wanted to play some crazy antics, such as tapping the ball into his own goal or punching out unnecessary balls. That has been canceled with the new FIFA 18 update.

New FIFA 18 update brings back coöp Ultimate Team

A while ago you could already read about it: the co-op Ultimate Team seasons return in FIFA 18 after a lot of complaining of players. This much-played mode was removed when the game came out, but a petition meant that EA could do nothing but bring it back.

The patch is only available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of FIFA 18. A complete overview with all changes can be found on the official FIFA forum.

FIFA 18 came out in September for all conceivable consoles

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