If you are new in the world of FIFA coins and buying coins with real-world money, you probably never heard of GoFIFAcoins.com. If you have bought coins before, you have seen their website. They are a long-term seller of cheap FIFA coins and have started doing so ages ago. They are well established and are one of the go-to vendors when it comes to FIFA coins. They also will provide cheap FIFA 18 coins in the future for consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but also the handheld Nintendo Switch and mobile games on the iOS and Android phones. How reliable are they and do they offer discount codes?

Are they reliable?

We can answer this question in 1 word: YES. They are very reliable. Like all the other partners and websites that sell FIFA coins, we have tested them a lot of time. They never made any mistake regarding the delivery, the delivery time or any other promises they make on their newly designed website. If you want to try buying some coins, GoFIFAcoins is probably your safest bet of them all. We can guarantee that they offer great service, customer support and very competitive prices for your fifa 18 coins.

What services they offer?

If you take a look at the website of this vendor, you can find a few guarantees and services they offer in the “Why Choose Us” section of their new homepage. Because we have tested them multiple times, we can say that these promises are very true. The reasons why to pick them, according to their homepage, are:

  • Good reputation: They have over 8 years of experience with FIFA, FIFA coins and anything that is related to Ultimate Team. So you can buy your fifa 18 ultimate team coins here.
  • Convenient Payment: GoFIFACoins offer all the famous payment methods you can think of. They also offer country related options like iDEAL, German banking, besides the international options like PayPal and Skrill.
  • Competitive Prices: They have a huge stock of coins, so they can offer the FIFA coins for cheap prices throughout the year. They also take a look at their competitors multiple times a day to check if they have the best prices on their website.
  • Fast delivery: They can fulfil almost every order within the excellent timeframe of 5 minutes. If anything goes wrong, they offer a good 24/7 Live Chat.

Do they have discount codes?

Yes. You can use the discount code “CY5” for a massive 5% off your purchase anytime.

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