You probably already know, as a fervent FIFA player, there are three different FIFA 18 editions. These three editions all have their own special extra’s. The biggest package you can find is the FIFA 18 icon edition. You will pay more money to get this edition but you’ll sure get a lot of nice extra’s. And with the higher amount, you’ll sure be happy to see the cheap fifa 18 coins you’ll need to become a better player with a great team.

Play the game three days early

If you buy the FIFA 18 Icon edition, you’ll get some nice extra’s. These extras will help you to win more matches. One of the greatest things is the fact that you don’t have to wait till September 29 to play FIFA 18. If you pre-order FIFA 18, you can play the game three days early. So September 26 is the first day you can play FIFA 18. And this is just one of the many extra’s you’ll get. Don’t forget to buy fifa 18 coins to create the best team possible.

More extra’s FIFA 18 Icon edition

The first extra is the fact you can play the game three days early. But there are more extra’s when you decide to buy the Icon edition. Twice a week, during 20 weeks, you’ll get FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold packages. That means you’ll get 40 packages worth a 120 euro’s.
You also get 8 Special Edition FUT tenues designed by the artist of the FIFA soundtrack.

Players on loan

You also have the chance to get a loan player for a view matches. You can get Cristiano Ronaldo, a FUT loan player, for 5 matches. You can get Ronaldo Nazário, a FUT Icon loan player for 5 matches. And during 20 weeks one loan player from the FUT team of the week for three matches a week. Of course you can pay in game players with fifa 18 ultimate team coins.

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