What is FIFA 17 TOTY?

FIFA 17 TOTY is a traditional annual event that announces the Team of the Year and lets you get the best versions of nominated players as special Blue In Form cards which you can get from packs. These players will be quite sought after and you will probably see a bunch of videos with people unboxing FUT 17 packs to get the Blue In Form cards for FIFA 17. The players will be nominated and released in little bursts at the beginning of January and from that day on you will be able to get special players for FUT 17.

What do you get from FIFA 17 TOTY

FIFA 17 TOTY, as with other FIFA TOTY events before, works on the basic principle of finding the best players of the entire year. With FIFA 17, players of 2016 will be analyzed for their performance and then based on that be created into special Blue In Form cards which you can get from random card drawings for FUT 17. IF you get one of the FIFA 17 TOTY players on your team, you will surely see a boost in your teams performance and they will really help out with the more difficult adversaries. So to recap, FIFA 17 TOTY offers you a chance to get professional FIFA players at their peak. And trust me, you would want to get these Blue In Form cards while they last.

How will the release work?

All FIFA TOTY events in the past have worked on the basic principle of being released in bursts. The Blue In Form cards will be released every two days beginning on the 9th of January and ending on the 16th of January 2017. The cards will last only for the 2 days that their special event lasts, so you will only be able to get blue in form cards of Midfielders between the 11th of January and the 13th. This being said, the Blue in Form cards will certainly remain in the auction house later but if you can manage to get them while the promotion lasts you will have a very valuable profile on your hands. FIFA 17 TOTY is surely going to be a card drawing event that’s going to be worth your hard earned FIFA 17 coins. In Dutch: FIFA 17 Team van het jaar

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