cheap fifa pointsFIFA 17 is easily one of the biggest games of 2016 and, with such a large fanbase, it is clear to understand that FIFA points are in high demand right about now. Here you will learn what FIFA points are and where you can use them.

What are FIFA Points?

After constant screaming from fans, EA has finally learned their lesson, which is to use microtransactions in games that are more popular rather than games like Dead Space. FIFA points are basically an ingame currency system which is used for a lot of stuff, mainly the card system located within the games Ultimate team (FUT) mode. The trick is that the points are kind of hard to get which is why a lot of people come to websites like this for information on where to get cheap FIFA Points. This leads us to…

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Where to get FIFA Points?

Where can’t you? A lot of websites are willing to scream out the good old “FREE FIFA POINTS” and “EXTREMELY CHEAP FIFA POINTS RIGHT NOW” in hopes of subjecting people to a barrage of advertisements for their own gain. Luckily, here you will learn that some websites actually will give you the ability to purchase cheap FIFA Points for the PS4 and Xbox One using a method called Points Account. A website that uses this and is generally trusted amongst the community is Goldah. Goldah is a place where, amongst other things, you can get extremely cheap FIFA Points using the Points account method. All you need to do is give them your email and a small amount of money and you will be on your way with an insane amount of FIFA Points.

What are FIFA Points used for?

You know that favorite player you have? Well he is locked away behind a paywall which you need to bypass using large amounts of FIFA Points. FIFA Points are used to acquire cards, and later blue in form cards, which are used for unlocking players. It is also used to purchase FIFA Draft Tokens which is simply a way for you to play with the best possible gear unlocked or, in other words, a cheap way for EA to leach more money off of you. But in the end, if you want to have all of these for dirt cheap, consider going to a website like Goldah and getting a bunch of FIFA Points you can spend at your leisure.

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