How to buy FIFA Points

How To Buy FIFA 21 points and coins

Some websites do tend to make it difficult to purchase certain services such as FIFA Points on PS4 and Xbox One. Luckily, there are websites like Goldah which make this process streamlined and professional for those of you that can’t find their way around the jumbled up services. The following text will describe to you the how, what and why of purchasing cheap FIFA Points Accounts for your PS4 and Xbox One using a professional and trusted website like Goldah. So buckle up and let’s go for a little ride down FIFA points lane and learn about purchasing accounts.

Step by Step Guide

Now let’s see what you have to do in order to get your hands on some cheap FIFA Points Accounts for PS4 and Xbox One using Goldah.

Go to Goldah and find your game

Get down to Goldah and find the FIFA game you want to buy Points Accounts for. This should be easy since the popularity of FIFA 20 have landed the FIFA games on the front page of Goldah. After doing this, you will be confronted with a large number of options which will lead you to a lot of different purchase methods for your console of choice.

Goldah PS4 EU Points Prices

Goldah PS4 US Points Prices

Goldah Xbox One Points Prices

Decide on your option

Your choice of service is quite important here. You will have to know exactly what you need but for now we just need need to select either PS4 or Xbox One Points in order to continue. This will take you to the purchase page were you can select the amount and click the buy now button right next to the price.

Filling the information

Now comes the final part. You will be taken to a screen which shows you all of the details you need to fill out as well as everything you need to check before the purchase. There are several different versions of the game that depend on your country so you must first select a seller which is from your region (i.e. America, Europe etc.). After this, just provide Goldah with your credit card information as well as some contact information just in case.

Purchase and delivery

Final stretch now, all you have to do is to make sure you have filled everything correctly and chosen your payment method. A neat thing you can do here is input the code “VGC” into the coupon section in order to get a 3% discount on your purchase. This discount is a special gift from us to you since you have chosen us to be your source of information when it comes to FIFA Points Accounts on Xbox One and PS4. After this, click the buy button and wait a few munities until the login information arrives. Then are all set to play FIFA with all of the best gear for your team.

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